Décors Barbares Bedroom by Nathalie Farman-Farma at Casa Cabana

This late 15th century silk lampas represents highly stylized Spanish "Moorish" patterns produced by Muslim weavers in Granada, where they served the Islamic Nasrid dynasty and their Christian patrons. Lampas is a type of fabric typically wovem in silk, often with a gold and silver thread enrichment. Lampas of this type still adorn the walls of the palaces of Granada, Seville, Toledo and Zaragoza. A similar fragment can be found at Cleveland Museum of Art.

Courtesy of Galleria Moshe Tabibnia


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15th Century, Spain

Tapestry: 20 x 25 cm

Frame: 26 x 31 cm



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Antique 15th Century Spanish Silk Lampas Textile

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