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Beguiling Bathrooms

Words and images from Cabana Magazine
Image from oltrepò pavese

Antonio Monfreda and Giorgio Horn; Cabana N8. 

In this series, we share beautifully curated, intensely atmospheric rooms from the pages of Cabana. This week: beguiling bathrooms, from charming sanctuaries to dramatic spaces with rich furnishings and decorative flair.


One of the most important rooms in the house, a beautifully decorated and well appointed bathroom can make a huge impact on the way you start, or end, your day. Whether you're actively decorating or just looking for interior escapism, take refuge in - and ideas from - the magnificent bathrooms that follow.
Above, a classically elegant English bathroom with nostalgic touches at South Wraxall Manor, a restoration and interior design project by Robert Kime and Patrick Kinmonth. Below left, a glimpse into Rome's rarefied past with one of the operatic bathrooms at Palazzo Odescalchi, complete with Etruscan antiquities, Rococo gilt-framed mirrors and ornately panelled walls. Below right, a beautifully framed bathroom in Hyderabad. 


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Left: Antonia Monfreda & Giorgio Horn; Cabana N15. Right: Mark Luscombe-Whyte; Cabana N14. 

Below, a small but perfectly formed shell-lined bathroom, with a lavatorial throne, in Suffolk, England.


James McDonald; Cabana N17. 

Below, calming mint-green bathrooms in very different homes; on the left, a Mexican hacienda in Merida on the Yucatan Peninsula; on the right, a 14th century manor in the charming Italian village of Grazzano Visconti.


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Left: Brett Wood; Cabana N17. Right: Guido Taroni; Cabana N13. 

Below, Moroccan tiles and collected objects in this sober soulful bathroom in the Dominican Republic.


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Bjorn Wallander; Cabana N9. 

Below left, bold patterns and piles of books create a cosy, restful space in a Grade II listed house in the Cotswolds. Below right, drapes, dahlias and a touch of drama at a Jacobean manor in Oxfordshire.


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Miguel Flores-Vianna; Cabana N7 (left) N5 (right). 

Below, timeless elegance, a hint of glamour and a chic neutral palette in Studio Peregalli's Milan apartment.


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Guido Taroni; Cabana N15. 

Below, further proof that no one designs rooms, or bathrooms, quite like Renzo Mongiardino...


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Guido Taroni; 'Renzo Mongiardino: A Painterly Vision', Rizzoli. 

Below, an old world apothecary-style sanctuary in Italy, featuring rich textures and warm colors.


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Antonio Monfreda; Cabana N14

And finally, pattern, pinks and prints in this cosy, captivating bathroom (glimpsed through a bedroom mirror) at Vistorta, the home of Italian Countess, Cristiana Brandolini D'Adda.


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Miguel Flores-Vianna; Cabana N18.

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