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Cabana Magazine N14

Covers by Clarence House for Fabricut, November 2020.

This issue is the ideal armchair traveller's companion for the modern day. With current restrictions in travel, escape into the world of Cabana from the comfort of your own home and immerse yourself in the extensive portfolios on Venice and Hyderabad. Centuries of styles blend magically in Venice, captured by Antonio Monfreda, and through the lens of Markus Luscombe-Whyte, Hyderabad radiates the charm of a bygone era. Other stories include the Murlo Estate in the Umbrian countryside by Guido Taroni, Villa Imperiale of Pesaro by Ashley Hicks, and one of Tangier’s most beautiful houses captured by Miguel Flores-Vianna, amongst others.

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Inside the Magazine

With an intimate knowledge of history, decorative arts and interiors, Robert Kime is considered one of the leading lights in the industry. His extraordinary eye and decades of expertise as a decorator, antiques dealer and collector creates a powerful and timeless vision: interiors with the prevailing impression of effortlessness and comfort. As such, Robert’s interiors are layered in a way that reflects his years of experience.

Ashley Hicks discovers two incredible palaces in Urbino and Pesaro. These 15th-century wonders reveal a genius of spectacle and design and while they are separated by a mere 45-minute drive, they stand as a counterpoint to one another, bringing together some of the greatest artists of the time.

The story of rattan weaving begins in the tropical regions of South East Asia where the greatest diversity of the spiny, climbing rattan palm grows. When responsibly harvested, where it grows naturally in primary rainforest, rattan is an admirably sustainable material.

Emily Post and Lena Grivakes look back to the ancient city of Pompeii to discover the history of a color that has been associated with patrician good taste for centuries. It has Inspired architect Sir John Soane and influenced the way we have thought about what Ancient Roman life looked like – the story of Pompeii red is as rich and intense as the color itself.

In the unlikely setting of Heidelberg University, Mark Luscombe-Whyte finds an extraordinary monument to student life that summons a world of dueling, fraternities and drinking. Within the Karzer jail, or students’ prison, you will find rich embellishments that transform the establishment into a work of art.