Portrait of a home

with PETER ADLER in Notting Hill

Musician turned designer, Peter Adler, invites Cabana Films to tour his joyful, jewel box of a home in London's Notting Hill. It's a treat in every way.

Peter Adler's joyful, jewel box of a home overflows with treasure and is a glorious expression of everything the designer and collector holds dear.

"It’s very hard to know why you’re attracted to something and not something else," he says. "Everybody’s taste is just as valid as everybody else’s, it’s just their taste, so you can’t say ‘that’s in good taste’ or ‘that’s in bad taste’, all you can say is ‘I like that’ and ‘I don’t like that. Why you like it, or why you don’t like it, is a mystery.”

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Portrait of a home

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