Setting The Table

with Marian McEvoy

“Please, use place cards”: With more than 600 napkins and 15 different patterns of dinner plate, Marian McEvoy sets her tables like a symphony, revelling each time in the occasion. “Setting a table is to drawing or making a painting,” she says, “it’s a composition. Add the food and music in, and it’s a movie!”

Join one of Cabana’s favorite tastemakers at her charming home on New York’s Hudson River for a masterclass on styling and hosting at home. Marian shares tips and tricks for elegant, seemingly effortless entertaining, from where to seat your guests (always facing the best view), to the color you should never omit from your table (white), the elements of surprise you should include in your events, and the thoughtful touches your guests will really notice. With characteristic humour and joie de vivre, Marian is sure to inspire you to entertain with panache this summer.

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