Inside Casa Cabana, Martina Mondadori's Childhood Home

Join Cabana for an access-all-areas tour of Editor-in-Chief Martina Mondadori's childhood home in Milan. The storied apartment, designed by Renzo Mongiardino, is still the beating heart of Cabana and in many ways Cabana's earliest - and most enduring - inspiration. 

Ever since the creation of Cabana 10 years ago, this extraordinary Milanese home has played host and home to the Big Cabana Family. Its richly decorated walls have seen endless parties, lavish dinners and intimate lunches, while collections have been drawn up at its kitchen table and aesthetes have been interviewed in its living room.

It is the childhood home of Cabana founder and Editor-in-Chief, Martina Mondadori, and was decorated by the great Italian decorator, Renzo Mongiardino, completed in 1978. Mongiardino was a close friend of Martina’s mother, Paola Zanussi, and so he considered the space a playground for all of his best stylistic tricks and techniques.

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