SALOTTI LETTERARI with Alessandra di Castro, Carlo Orsi and Martina Mondadori.

Cabana proudly presents "I Salotti Letterari," a modern revival of historic academic seminars, inspired by the 15th and 16th-century gatherings that discussed art, culture, and politics. These high-level forums, uniting Milanese society with international intellectuals and creatives, will be held throughout the year at Casa Cabana. Editor-in-Chief Martina Mondadori launched the first session, transforming the magazine's pages into live debates on antiques, interior design, cinema, literature, and more.

The inaugural conversation featured Italian antique dealers Alessandra Di Castro and Carlo Orsi, who discussed the joys and challenges of collecting. Alessandra highlighted the thrill of discovery, while Carlo shared his regrets over missed opportunities and the influence of family dynamics on his career. Martina concluded by emphasizing the salon's role in fostering a vibrant, creative community that reflects the sophisticated tastes of Cabana enthusiasts.

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