Setting the Table with

 Coco Brandolini d'Adda

The ever-stylish Coco Brandolini, founder of d’AddA, opens the doors to her Milan home as she sets the table for an intimate gathering. With her penchant for vintage and vibrant patterns, take inspiration from Coco’s joyous table and home when styling your own spring events.




Coco Brandolini d'Adda dressed in her eponymous label d'Adda


Coco Brandolini d'Adda's beautiful house in Milan was featured in the very first issue of Cabana Magazine. Now, in the same home, Coco sets her table with pieces from our 10 Year Anniversary Collection. The mood at Coco’s table is playful and seasonal, with a thoughtful combination of light spring colors and eye-catching graphic patterns.


Coco's richly decorated dinner plates are a cherished wedding gift that she recalls fondly. Using Casa Cabana's Garda Tablecloth as a base, with its striking pink and green pattern, Coco's plates echo the color palette and mood, which is matched across the table setting. The playful pink is accented with a complementary vintage embroidered napkin, while blue Murano water glasses add a touch of calm.


Pictured Above: Murano Fuchsia Hand-Painted Oil Bottle and Murano Primrose Hand-Painted Jug


As a centerpiece, elegant hand-painted glassware is clustered in the middle of the table. Coco placed Cabana's Murano glass oil bottles, hand painted with floral motifs, to add a timeless, sophisticated display. In typical Italian style, wine will be served in a short tumbler glass for a convivial, warm atmosphere.







Fresh flowers have been placed on consoles and side tables around the dining room to create a natural indoor-outdoor mood, perfect for spring. This also ensures that the dining table is not overcrowded and nobody's view is blocked by flowers.



Both playful and sophisticated, Coco’s eclectic living room is a symphony of colors and patterns, filled with books and vintage finds. On the central ottoman, a hand-woven Thai standing tray adds a pop of texture to the room.


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