Join Cabana on a mesmeric visual journey through thousands of years of Greek art, history and culture, guided by George Manginis, director of the Benaki Museum in Athens.


Tapestry details, Benaki Museum © Miguel Flores-Vianna


From 3000-year-old Hellenic jewellery to intricate tapestries, arresting sculptures and even the home of literary icon, Patrick Leigh Fermor, the Benaki Museum in Athens - created to house the collections of preeminent Greek art collector, Antonis Benakis - holds treasures of unfathomable beauty and importance.

"To discover what it means to be Greek, you have to come to the Benaki," Manginis tells Cabana. "This is a museum that shows you a continuity of culture. It’s about people, how they lived, what they surrounded themselves with, what they loved, how they celebrated. For me, the Benaki is a way of life. It teaches you how to live."

Watch the full video below, filmed and directed for Cabana by Luca Cepparo. 



The Benaki Collection launches Tuesday, September 26th at 

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