The best gifts you can give a loved one are those that show you truly understand the recipient: who they are and what they enjoy. With that in mind, we’ve rounded-up our favorite gifts for (almost all) the different people in your life.


Gift the men in your life the joy of stylish stationery, statement games, classic style inspiration and sophisticated homewares, all designed by Cabana.


For any or all of the women in your life, we’ve rounded up our favorite gifts ~ from statement-making, luxurious textiles, to unique, talking-point accessories.

GIFTS For The Textile Lover

Taking readers on a colorful, patterned journey through some of the world’s most beautiful and storied fabrics, these stunning books will delight the textile lover in your life.

GIFTS For the Design Lover

These sumptuous monographs will make an inspired gift for the design lovers in your life. And don't forget a truly unique gift: a subscription to both issues of Cabana in 2024.

GIFTS For the Host

That warm, generous person who's always first to throw open their home? We all know one. Show them how much you appreciate their efforts with these thoughtful, stylish gifts.

GIFTS For the Traveller

For wanderers and globetrotters, sun-seekers and city slickers ~ wherever they're headed, make sure they're suitably attired and well-prepared with these travel favorites.

GIFTS For the Collector

For the sophisticated friend or relative whose interiors and collections inspire, we've rounded up our favorite pieces, including a special, limited edition issue of Cabana.

GIFTS For the Chef

For anyone who loves to read about, cook, serve or share food, these Cabana-designed and artisan-made products are sure to make the experience even more pleasurable.