In celebration of Cabana Magazine's 10 Year Anniversary, deputy editor, Miguel Flores-Vianna, selects his '10 Best Bedrooms', each published in Cabana over the last decade. 




"Bedrooms are the heart of the house. Each day begins and ends within those walls which should always provide us with protection and safety. They are the place, literally and figuratively, where dreams are gestated and where we face our challenges and triumphs. Bedrooms must always be our sanctuary." Miguel Flores-Vianna


1. Heidelberg, Germany

Cabana Magazine N14 © Mark Luscombe Whyte


A former bedroom at Heidelberg University’s Karzer jail, or students’ prison, photographed by Mark Luscombe-Whyte for Cabana Issue 14. While the conditions were spartan, students were allowed to continue with their studies, send out for food and wine, and receive visitors who could come and go as they pleased.


2. Milan, Italy

Cabana Magazine N5 © Guido Taroni


An eclectic, artistically-curated bedroom in Milan, where objects have “gathered like sea shells…on tables, in front of large 16th-century tapestries”. Giovanni Gastel Junior describes his family's home in Cabana Issue 10, photographed by Guido Taroni.


3. Tangier, Morocco

Cabana Magazine N14 © Miguel Flores-Vianna


An elegant, antique-filled bedroom in the Tangier home of British antique dealer, Gordon Watson, photographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Cabana Issue 14.


4. Dorset, UK

Cabana Magazine N13 © Emma Lewis


An ode to collecting ~ the charming Dorset bedroom of young British antique dealer, Tom Hurst, photographed by Emma Lewis for Cabana Magazine Issue 13.


5. Wiltshire, UK

Cabana Magazine N8 © Antonio Monfreda & Giorgio Horn


A splendid bedroom full of antique textiles at Wiltshire's South Wraxall Manor, built by the Long family between the late Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and photographed by Antonio Monfreda and Giorgio Horn for Cabana Issue 8.


6. Derbyshire, UK

Cabana Magazine N7 ©  Antonio Monfreda & Giorgio Horn


A decadent, canopied bed at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, one of England’s “unsurpassed treasures” and home to the Duke of Devonshire. Photographed by Antonio Monfreda and Giorgio Horn for Cabana Issue 7. 


7. Tuscia, Italy

Cabana Magazine N16 © Antonio Monfreda


Monastic simplicity: a bedroom in Tuscia, an area north of Rome where the Etruscans established their settlements and, 1000 years later, Rome's great families built glorious palazzi. Photographed by Antonio Monfreda for Cabana Issue 16.

8. Bassano in Teverina, Italy

Cabana Magazine N17 © François Halard


An atmospheric bedroom that is undoubtedly as full of stories as it is empty of decorative flourishes: the home of Cy Twombly at Bassano, in Teverina, described by Nicholas Cullinan and photographed by François Halard; Cabana Issue 17.


9. New York, United States

Cabana Magazine N11 © François Halard


A cozy, treasure-filled bedroom in the New York home of the late British art historian, John Richardson. Photographed by François Halard for the book, John Richardson: At Home (Rizzoli), and published in Cabana Issue 11.


10. Paris, France

Cabana Magazine N17 © Mark Luscombe - Whyte


A gloriously pattern-filled bedroom in Paris, designed by Italian master, Renzo Mongiardino, and photographed by Mark Luscombe-Whyte for Cabana Issue 17.

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