In celebration of Cabana Magazine's 10 Year Anniversary, creative director, Christoph Radl, selects his '10 Best Libraries', each published in Cabana over the last decade. 




"Libraries are a key element to every interior design project, providing a timeless palette for designers to work with, accessorize and above all provide the perfect setting for rare and favourite tomes. I love books and all the paraphernalia of a library; a kindle can work 'in extremis' but I could never imagine a library full of kindles!" Christoph Radl

1. Como, Italy

Cabana Magazine N1 © Guido Taroni


A gloriously sophisticated, timeless library in Lake Como, Italy, photographed by Guido Taroni for the very first issue of Cabana Magazine. 


2. Varese, Italy

Cabana Magazine N3 © Micol Sabbadani


An outstanding, historic library at Villa Panza, an 18th century mansion atop the Biumo Hill overlooking the Italian city of Varese. Photographed by Micol Sabbadani for Cabana Magazine Issue 3. 


3. Petrushovo, Russian Village 

Cabana Magazine N4 © Giada Ripa 


An atmospheric library, full of tone and texture, in the Russian village of Petrushovo. Photographed by Giada Ripa for Cabana Magazine Issue 4.


4. Tuscany, Italy 

Cabana Magazine N5 © Fiona Corsini 


A reference library in Tuscany, full of stories, drawings, maps and historical records. Photographed by Fiona Corsini for Cabana Magazine Issue 5. 


5. Sir John Soane Museum, London

Cabana Magazine N7 © Ashley Hicks 


The exceptionally elegant library of English architect and collector, Sir John Soane (1753-1837), preserved at his former home in London's Bloomsbury - now a much-loved museum - and photographed by Ashley Hicks for Cabana Issue 7. 


6. Paris, France

Cabana Magazine N13 © Mark Luscombe-Whyte


A working library in a lithographic printing studio in Paris, photographed by Mark Luscombe-Whyte for Cabana Magazine Issue 13.


7. Molise, Italy

Cabana Magazine N15 © Christoph Radl 


The Emidiana Library, in the church of Saint Emidio in Agnone, Molise: home to nearly 10,000 codices, manuscripts, and one-of-a-kind ancient parchments. Photographed by Christoph Radl for Cabana Magazine Issue 15.

8. Tangier, Morocco 

Cabana Magazine N14 © Miguel Flores-Vianna


A charming home library in the Tangier home of British antique dealer, Gordon Watson. Photographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Cabana Issue 14. 


9. Milan, Italy

Cabana Magazine N15 © Guido Taroni


A beautiful library in the Milanese home of a notable Italian collector. Photographed by Guido Taroni for Cabana Magazine Issue 15.


10. Coimbra, Portugal

Cabana Magazine N15 © Mark Luscombe - Whyte 


The Biblioteca Joanina at the University of Coimbra, Portugal, one of the most spectacular and original European libraries in the Baroque style. Comprised of three cavernous rooms - decorated with perspective paintings on the ceiling, and walls lined with two-tier shelves in gilded or painted exotic wood - the library houses some 60,000 books. Photographed by Mark Luscombe-Whyte for Cabana Issue 15.

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