Immerse yourself in our edit of perfectly pink rooms, from deep hues in the home of Dries Van Noten to punchy, playful patterns by David Hicks and restful, dusty shades in Tangier and Gran Canaria. Whether you're decorating, or just looking to escape into atmospheric interiors, you're sure to find inspiration below. 




With its nuanced cultural history and tendency to divide opinion, few colors have been debated, or have had as much to say, as pink. Yet when it comes to interior decorating, pink need not shout; it can be calming, quiet and sophisticated, adding a warm, gentle backdrop to dark woods, antiques and cooler tones, or a touch of drama or playfulness to otherwise sober, grown-up schemes. And of course, pink can hold its own, as the stand-out star of a scheme, masterfully demonstrated below by English decorator, David Hicks and Italian master, Renzo Mongiardino.

Scroll down for Cabana's curation of perfect pinks, seen in atmospheric rooms by some of our favorite designers, and in the pages of our favorite books - and, of course, from the pages and archives of Cabana Magazine.

Antiques and art with a backdrop of soft, peachy pinks; Guido Taroni, Cabana N10.

A touch of drama in this bathroom at Wardington Manor; Miguel Flores-Vianna, Cabana N5.

A gentle, sophisticated scheme by note-perfect Milan-based Studio Peregalli; Francois Halard, Cabana N16.


Soft pinks and greens in the bedroom of Lee Radziwill's former home in New York; Brett Wood, Cabana N12.

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