Terms & Conditions- Prior x Cabana Caravan

Please note, for this trip to proceed, a certain minimum number of people must reserve a place. We will provide confirmation once this number has been reached, so you may proceed with booking airfare and other forms of transportation.

If you choose to book airfare in advance of final confirmation, please book refundable fares or obtain travel insurance to protect yourself against additional charges should final dates change or cancelation occurs. (Please note, in the instance of an unforeseen date change or cancelation, your 50% deposit is refundable.)

PRIOR strongly recommends that each member purchase travel and cancelation insurance. In addition, we recommend purchasing a policy that covers loss of luggage, accidents, sickness, and emergency medical evacuation.

Please note, all efforts are made to provide the itinerary as presented, PRIOR reserves the right to make any changes to the final itinerary deemed necessary or due to reasons beyond our control (change in flights, cancelations, political disturbances, natural disasters/phenomena, etc).

Photographs or video recordings of members may be used for educational and promotional purposes by PRIOR or a host group/organization.