In celebration of Cabana Magazine's 10 Year Anniversary, creative director, Christoph Radl, selects his '10 Best Bathrooms', each published in Cabana over the last decade. 




One of the most important rooms in the house, a beautifully decorated bathroom can make a huge difference to your day, while those filled with atmosphere and memory can be just as impactful as the more 'visible' rooms within a home.

From the Maltese bathroom of an English Queen, to a Hyderabad bathroom fit for royalty, these are Cabana's '10 Best Bathooms', as chosen by Christoph Radl.


 1. Rome, Italy

Cabana Magazine N5 © Guido Taroni


 2. Marrakech, Morocco

Cabana Magazine N11 © Guido Taroni


 3. Petrushovo, Russian Village 

Cabana Magazine N11 © Guido Taroni


4. Hyderabad, India 

Cabana Magazine N14 © Mark Luscombe-Whyte


5. Bentota, Sri Lanka

Cabana Magazine N15 © Mark Luscombe-Whyte


6. Malta

Cabana Magazine N19 © Miguel Flores Vianna


7. Milan, Italy

Cabana Magazine N15 © Guido Taroni


8. Paris, France

Cabana Magazine N17 © Mark Luscombe - Whyte


9. Barbara Cartland's House, UK

Cabana Magazine N18 © Tim Walker


10. New York, USA

Cabana Magazine N20 © Brett Wood

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