In celebration of Cabana Magazine's 10 Year Anniversary, deputy editor, Miguel Flores-Vianna, selects his '10 Best Dining Rooms', published in Cabana over the last decade. 




A space to gather, relax, converse and dine: from a floating dining room on London's Regent's Canal, to grand dining halls in Normandy and Palermo, these are Cabana's '10 Best Dining Rooms', as chosen by Miguel Flores-Vianna.


1. Benenden, UK

Cabana Magazine N15 © James McDonald


A charming dining room in the eclectic Kent home of teacher and avid collector, Charlotte Molesworth, first published in Cabana Magazine Issue 15. Of her well-collected home, photographed by James Mcdonald, Charlotte says: “Some pieces come from my mother and aunt, some from junk shops andsome from people’s discards; nothing is that precious,really, but they all have a story."


2. Normandy, France

Cabana Magazine N5 © Miguel Flores Vianna


A wonderfully grand dining room in a private home in Normandy, photographed by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Cabana Magazine Issue 5.


3. Palermo, Italy

Cabana Magazine N9 © Guido Taroni


Both ornate and refined, this elegant, domed dining room belongs in Palermo, the Sicilian city Goethe regarded as "the most beautiful place on earth". Photographed by Guido Taroni for Cabana Magazine Issue 9.


4. Province of Livorno, Italy 

Cabana Magazine N12 ©  Antonio Monfreda


This atmospheric green kitchen in the Tuscan Province of Livorno lies within a medieval castle, Castello di Castagneto Carducci. Built by Italy's della Gherardesca family, it remains within the family and has been extensively refurbished over 20 years by the late art consultant and designer, Manfredi della Gherardesca.


5. New York, USA

Cabana Magazine N20 © Brett Wood


A clean, contemporary dining room in the Upper East Side home of artist and collector, Barbara Jakobson, photographed by Brett Wood for Cabana Magazine Issue 20.


6. Paris, France

Cabana Magazine N20 © Guido Taroni


Dinner is served, with elegant, antique tableware, in the Paris dining room of Sotheby's European chairman, Mario Tavella. Photographed by Guido Taroni for Cabana Issue 20.


7. London, UK 

Cabana Magazine N7 © Kensington Laverne  


A dining room like no other: Emma Freemantle’s floating dining room, within her houseboat moored on London's Regent’s Canal. Photographed by Kensington Leverne for Cabana Magazine Issue 7.


8. Moscow, Russia 

Cabana Magazine N6 © Ngoc Minh Ngo


A beautiful dining room in the apartment of Nikolai Golovanov, photographed by Ngoc Minh Ngo for Cabana Magazine Issue 6. 


9. Turin, Italy

Cabana Magazine N3 © Giovanni Silva


Casa Mollino: The former dining room of master Italian architect, Carlo Mollino, photographed by Giovanni Silva for Cabana Magazine Issue 3.


10. St. Petersburg, Russia

Cabana Magazine N11 © Galerie Kugel, Paris.


Dining on Paper: A dining room in St Petersburg, realised in watercolor by Carl Kollmann (1788-1846). Image courtesy of Galerie Kugel, Paris.

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